Want climate and economic justice? Here is how to get it.

Lawyer Polly Higgins interviewed by Silver Donald Cameron about internal ecocides: “This is about self-governance. How do we choose to govern our own lives?”

By Ron Hart, Nov 6, 2016

Want a system of climate and economic justice? Here is how to get it.

Signposts on the road to green rights

These signposts on the road to green rights are outlined in an outstanding book by Silver Donald Cameron, Warrior Lawyers.

Cameron presents 15 interviews of trail-blazing lawyers who are dramatically changing society to one based on our duty of care for the Earth and one another.

The book is a natural follow-up to Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: using law creatively to give us the tools to break through neoliberalism’s stranglehold on life itself.  

This is above all  a book that delivers hope. This is a book that draws the links between all those fighting for economic and climate justice. Here are brilliant lawyers saying, this is how we can do it! Change the laws to change the game.

Buy, borrow, or steal the book. It is truly inspiring.

Internal ecocides

Polly Higgins advocates for  law that creates a legal duty of care by putting people and planet first. Cameron interviews Polly Higgins, Earth’s lawyer, and asks her, “You’ve talked about ‘internal ecocides’. That’s a fascinating concept. Tell me about internal ecocides.”

Well it’s my term for the patterns of harm that play out in our own lives, our own ways of being, and how we can actually set in place cycles that take us to a place that does not serve our best interests. Negative belief patterns, you know? I’m not good enough. Who am I? I cna’t stand up and speak out. It closes us down. It disempowers us. These are our inner ecocides, these patterns of harm that prevent us from moving onwards and forwards and actually stepping into our own greatness, if you will.

I’m very interested in how we disrupt our own inner ecocides. It’s not about allowing those thoughts to come to use a little less; it’s about actually saying,  Enough. No more. I’m not having it–just as we do with ecocide law. This is about self-governance. How do we choose to govern our own lives? How do we choose to govern ourselves, our very being which is then reflected out into or doing?

Enough! No more!

So let’s say, Enough! No more! Let’s join the fight to save Mother Earth. There is what Cameron calls,  “a coming together around a whole constellation of issues and approaches, arising from a shared and growing global consciousness. “ Let’s join that community.

It’s time to get involved!

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