Earth’s lawyer Polly Higgins wins Utstickarpriset 2016

Polly Higgins, the Earth’s Lawyer, receives a prize for her courage, resilience, empathy, creativity and drive in promoting Ecocide as a crime.

Press Release, translated from Swedish using Google Translate,  reposted from MyNewsdesk, Oct 24, 2016

Polly Higgins is the winner of Utstickarpriset 2016. She has been named one of the ten most important visionaries of our time by the Ecologist and called for the environmental movement’s new rock star. On November 10, she was praised for his visionary leadership for the future that contribute to real change. The award ceremony takes place on Stage Art Museum in Stockholm.

Polarbröd group behind Utstickarpriset and the jury included except the owners Karin Bodin and Anna Borgeryd also Kuylenstierna, Maja Frankel, Heidi Andersson and Måns Adler. The price is a brave man who goes his own way and show decisiveness and consideration, innovation and perseverance. 2016 winner is Polly Higgins from the UK – “The Earth Lawyer”:

– Sweden is a leading country in many ways and I am very proud to receive one of Sweden’s best sustainability prices, says Polly Higgins. That a country that is known for its leadership praising me for the right leadership and my pioneering work to develop a law to protect the Earth means very much.

– Overdraft of planetary boundaries shows that nature needs a strong legal protection, says Anna Borgeryd, chief strategist for Polarbröd Group. Polly Higgins work to criminalize serious damage to the biosphere is essential for future generations to live good lives. With that she takes responsibility and demonstrates good leadership for the future.

– This year’s theme leadership for the future is even more exciting because we do not know the leadership that will be required for a sustainable future, says Maja Frankel, a jury member for Utstickarpriset. But we know pretty well what leadership skills required to contribute to real change, such as courage, resilience, empathy, creativity and drive. All this is Polly Higgins, says Maja Frankel.

Facts Polly Higgins’ The Earth’s lawyer ”
Polly Higgins is a lecturer, lawyer, and award-winning author. She has been named one of the ten most important visionaries of our time by the Ecologist and called for the environmental movement’s new rock star.

She is an honorary doctor at Lausanne Business School and had in 2013 Arne Naess visiting professorship at the University of Oslo. In addition, she has written books Eradicating Ecocide and the Earth Is Our Business.

Polly’s journey began about five years ago when she decided to devote his entire career to one customer: the earth, and stepped forward as the Earth’s own lawyer and started the initiative Eradicating ecocide.

The idea is elegant in its simplicity.

Ecocide, habitat destruction could become a part of the Rome Statute, alongside the example of Genocide (Genocide) and war crimes, and thus reflected in national legislation worldwide. This would in turn create a shift to green investment and sustainable solutions.

Ecocide defined as “substantial damage to or destruction of ecosystems or habitat within a defined geographical area.

“Already, legal persons can be prosecuted for violation of human rights at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. With ecocide includes exercise this right even crimes against the environment and nature gives legal status. Countries like Ecuador have already introduced Nature’s rights in its constitution.

See Polly on TED Talks:

Polly Higgins will attend the award ceremony at Stage Art Museum in Stockholm on 10 November and is available for interviews during the event.

For booking of interviews with Polly Higgins or Utstickarjuryn:
Petra Whitehead, 073-440 78 31


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